Mar 18, 2018

TSR Storm Alert - Tropical Storm MARCUS

S Indian Ocean: Storm Alert issued at 18 Mar, 2018 18:00 GMT

Tropical Storm MARCUS is currently located near 15.0 S 124.3 E with maximum 1-min sustained winds of 50kts (58 mph). MARCUS is forecast to affect land to the following likelihood(s) at the given lead time(s):

Yellow Alert Country(s) or Province(s)
        probability for CAT 1 or above is 25% currently
        probability for TS is 95% currently
Yellow Alert City(s) and Town(s)
    Lombadina (16.5 S, 122.9 E)
        probability for CAT 1 or above is 10% within 12 hours
        probability for TS is 90% within 12 hours
    Kuri Bay (15.6 S, 124.5 E)
        probability for TS is 80% currently

Note that
    Yellow Alert (Elevated) is CAT 1 or above to between 10% and 30% probability, or TS to above 50% probability.
    CAT 1 means Tropical Cyclone strength winds of at least 74 mph, 119 km/h or 64 knots 1-min sustained.
    TS means Tropical Storm strength winds of at least 39 mph, 63 km/h or 34 knots 1-min sustained.

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